Business Continuity

Business continuity covers a range of scenarios; from recovering a single file up to dealing with the impact of a national emergency.

Balance is the key to success. Too little and business continuity can be ineffective. Too complex and business continuity becomes a costly project that’s never finished, with plans that nobody follows and which ultimately fails when needed.

The Cloud offers new opportunities. Backing up or replicating to a standby cloud provides simple and effective disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a suite of standby hardware. The same solution can provide an alternative to tape eliminating the uncertainty and overheads of a tape-based backup solution.

Choosing Indigo for disaster recovery means that you have somewhere to turn when you need help; we feature in some of our customers’ disaster recovery plans as a resource of last resort whilst others have chosen to outsource their backup and disaster recovery to us in its entirety.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Secure. Within Reach.
On Your Terms.

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Local Backup and Replication

Simple. Reliable.

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High Availability

Security redefined. The risk is now real.

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Online Backup and Replication

Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.

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Standby Cloud for DR

Get connected.
Stay connected.

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Outsourced Backup and DR
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